Online resources for the study of manuscript cultures



vHMML offers researchers at every level of experience the resources and tools they need to work with manuscripts. vHMML will ultimately cover several manuscript cultures from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. It makes abundant use of high-resolution images of manuscripts from libraries around the world, many of them digitized as part of HMML’s mission to preserve and share important, endangered, and inaccessible manuscript collections through digital photography, archiving, and cataloging.



vHMML Reading Room is a comprehensive library of manuscripts, films and more. Reading Room does not yet contain all of HMML’s collections.

vHMML Data Portal makes it possible for you to create a custom dataset for personal research or for digital humanities projects.

vHMML School teaches about scripts and manuscripts, introducing learners to the sciences of paleography and codicology.

vHMML Folio offers images of manuscript pages from various traditions across the globe and across the ages. The collection is shaped to highlight the changing history of scripts in these traditions.

vHMML Lexicon introduces terms used in manuscript studies. You can search by term or browse entries alphabetically.

vHMML Reference contains bibliographical resources searchable by keyword, title, or author's last name. Links to digitized versions are provided when these are available.